Health Literacy

Public Health Services – Enhanced Home Visiting program

VCLA partners with Public Health Services to offer literacy services and training for at-risk families in the Annapolis Valley.

A public health employee introduces families to VCLA’s family literacy coordinator, who offers to make a scrapbook with families about the birth of their child. This scrap-booking exercise often leads to other literacy related interventions.

Healthy Beginnings:

Enhanced Home Visiting provides additional support to families facing challenges through a comprehensive home visiting program. Families may receive home visiting support for up to three years and/or referral and linkage to other health and community resources.

Home visiting focuses on supporting parents, promoting a healthy parent-child relationship, fostering healthy childhood development and linking families with community resources that further enhance the opportunities for healthy growth and development of the child and the family.

Seniors LINCS:

VCLA provides health literacy support and health advocacy as one of the health professionals on the Seniors LINCS team. Seniors LINCS is a group of medical professionals who work together out of Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Middleton to assist seniors who are considered at risk of losing their independence and being placed in a long term care facility. There are many reasons why seniors become at risk of losing their home: sometimes it is the onset of a chronic illness and they are overwhelmed with information; sometimes it can be the death of a spouse who handled all of the financial matters in the household; sometimes it relates to literacy issues that make it challenging to follow the nutritional or exercise regime their doctor has set for them, or their medications.

A VCLA health advocate meets with seniors in their homes and helps them to overcome the barriers to their being able to independently manage their health, and remain in the community.

 Plain Language Support:

VCLA offers plain language services for health care professionals in the Annapolis Valley looking to create promotional material for that is clear and at an appropriate reading level.