1-1 Tutoring

The one-on-one tutoring program matches adult learners with volunteer tutors.  Learners can be matched with a tutor when extra help is needed to catch up with class work, when the learner is geographically remote from the nearest class, or when the needs are too individualized for classroom study (i.e. a learner is studying for a specific entrance exam for work or further study). Among the many learners who come and study with a tutor, there are apprentices who come to our program to get help when they are doing their "blocks" (completing the class-based portion of their apprenticeship), and we also see people wanting to get their Class I or Class III trucking license.

To access the one-on-one tutoring program you must be a responsible learner who is able to keep his/her commitment to the volunteer tutor, to show up for lessons, and complete any work that is required between sessions.

The one-on-one tutoring program is a program that works with all of the programs at VCLA. In other words, tutors work with learners who take part in ALP classes, the GED program, the English as a second language program, etc.