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My Nanny and Pappy









Author’s note: I choose to do a book about what I love the most; going to Ontario for Summer vacation and seeing my family. 

Summer 2012

Written by
Christopher  Pollock

Valley Community Learning Association, Nova Scotia

Mommy and I started our vacation going out for lunch with Elizabeth.  We were so happy to be in Ontario!

It was a very hot summer and I liked to be in the water.

Auntie Cheryl took me fishing with Molly and Isla.  It took me awhile to catch my first fish.

Isla and I played all day in the water making sand castles and I loved playing with my boat.

It was so hot and dry this summer that we didn’t get to have a campfire.  Molly still managed to do S’mores in the microwave!  I just sat and waited for her to bring them to me.

Pappy got very tired watching us play all day.  SHHHHHH – don’t wake him!!!

Molly taught me to surf – she is awesome!


Isla liked to catch frogs – she put them in the boat.

It is always sad to leave the cottage.  I love my Auntie and cousins! 

This year I also got to go to Auntie Tracey and Uncle Steve’s cottage for a week.  I learned to drive a boat.

We celebrated Nanny’s Birthday at the end of our vacation.

Back home I had my first Pony Ride.

I had a really good summer and can’t wait for next summer to start the fun all over again.  


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