My Irish Wolfhound, Silver

Dedicated to my Grandmother, Mimi


Author’s note: Thank you Silver for bringing so much joy into our lives.

Silver was a playful puppy! 

She loved playing with her sister Saige who came to visit.

Silver loved snow!

While the Labradors like to chase a tennis ball, she liked to chase the Labradors!

However, Silver wasn’t the only Irish Wolfhound in the AnnapolisValley. She found quite a few friends


She even had a Wolfhound birthday party when she turned four. She invited all her Wolfhound friends and they had birthday bones and everything!

Silver loved people, people loved Silver. One of her best human friends was Janice, who owned Saige.

I was one of her best human friends too!

Silver was so cute when she was a baby. 

Silver made us laugh a lot, because she was incredibly silly!

Silver and her friends always turned heads wherever they went.

She loved to take her humans for walks on the beach.

She enjoyed being with her family, and sharing the couch.

Silver, thank you for sharing your life with us, we will always remember you.

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