Me & Hulk

Written by
Luke Forse

Valley Community Learning Association, Nova Scotia

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Daddy, Mommy& Eli







Author’s note:  I love The Hulk

I love The Incredible Hulk.  I like to take him with me for adventures.  Today we took him for a walk in Kentville.

The Incredible Hulk is green because he eats green vegetables.

Eli watches The Hulk have lunch.

On Halloween, I dressed up as The Hulk.  I was “very scary” and scared Nan.

The Hulk likes to “Hulk Smash” my head when I have a bath.

We took The Hulk to Nanny and Grampie’s house.

I like to draw The Hulk.  He has blue pants, black hair and BIG muscles

Darth Vader and The Hulk play hulk smash.  Grrrrrrr.


Hulk goes to hockey!

Hulk is having a nap in my bunk bed with my blankie.  Shhhhhhhh.


The end.

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