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Lucky is Special


Written by
Wyatt Boyd

Valley Community Learning Association, Nova Scotia

Dedicated to


Nanny and Grampy Boyd

for giving me Lucky









Author’s note:


I wanted to make my book about Lucky

because he is my favorite pet.


This is the day I visited Lucky

before we brought him home.

This is the day we brought

Lucky home.  I really love him. 

He was four months old.

He’s the greatest puppy ever!!

I help take care of him. 

I walk him and I play with him a lot.


We bought him a few different toys. 

He plays with them all the time. 

He also chews our stuff sometimes.

Lucky is having a bath and

he is really crazy in the sink.


We have to dry him off

after his bath in the sink.

We take Lucky on walks

at the duck pond.

Lucky and I are lying on the blanket. 

He really likes the blanket.


Lucky likes to lay on the floor

with his legs like a frog.


Lucky likes to cuddle on

the couch with me.

Me and Lucky are best friends.


This project was made possible through the generous support of the Family Literacy Endowment Fund

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