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What is your goal?

VCLA offers a wide range of personalized classes, tutoring and experiential learning opportunities to help learners work toward their individual goals.

More than 200 learners study and learn with VCLA each year.

Our gardens, greenhouses and commercial kitchen, as well as our classrooms and building provide hands-on learning opportunities, facilitated by supportive trainers. Our classes are taught by qualified teachers. 

VCLA tutors give one-to-one, in-home or online tutoring for adults of all ages. The most common subjects tutored are preparation for the GED and English language for newcomers, but many special tutor-learner matches have been made to help learners reach their specific goals.

Some examples include:

– basic reading help
– math help for various work and community applications
– tutoring help to prepare for the Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) provincial exam
– tutoring while in the CCA preparation course;
– tutoring help for apprentices working on their ‘blocks’, as well as help to successfully pass the Michelin or military entrance tests.


Let’s work together

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