Flowercart’s Literacy Program

Flowercart’s Literacy Program is an adult education program that VCLA operates in partnership with Flowercart. This program is designed for learners who are taking part in Flowercart employment readiness or community employment programs. Learners come to this program with a variety of learning goals. In some cases learners are working on very basic literacy while other learners may be considering the GED as a possible outcome. Life skills instruction and personal development upgrading are key ingredients of this program.

Typically beginning in October and running until the spring, the program features small classes organized around learners’ similar needs. Classes are usually 2 hours long and may take place at various times during the day and evening as dictated by learners’ work schedules. Classes take place at the Flowercart’s Community Employment Services location, 8736 Commercial Street, New Minas.

For more information about this program call 681-2349.