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Our Programs

We want to help our community learn and grow. When the Annapolis Valley community identifies an adult education or learning need, we do what we can to address it. That is why VCLA has programs like:

Adult Basic Education/ GED

English as an Additional Language

Employment Readiness Programs

Community Programs

Food Programs

Our annual Literacy Mile Fundraiser will take place on Saturday June 10, 2023
VCLA Community Hub at 118 Oakdene Ave., Kentville, Nova Scotia

Let’s work together

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Everything that Valley Community Learning Association (VCLA) does is to make learning and growth happen in our community.

Our mission is to help adults reach their learning goals.

We believe that people and communities get better when meaningful adult learning opportunities are opened up and seized upon. We are building a stronger community through adult learning.

We are creating a supportive and nurturing network within the Annapolis Valley, to help people develop their essential skills so they can improve their own lives and the lives of their children, and so they can participate more fully in their communities.

Our programs are free. We have in-person and online options. We offer classes in the daytime or evenings, and we have one-to-one tutoring, too. Our flexibility means we can help different learners even when they need to balance self-care, work, family and other community commitments.